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18 April 2013 @ 11:40 am

Janiizu Station is a member-locked community, so if you want to be part of us, you simply need to join us. We are currently open for membership so rest assured that we’ll accept you.

Only livejournal accounts are accepted. Facebook, twitter and other accounts will not be entertained by us.

By joining Janiizu Station, you agree to follow our rules.


First and very important rule: Don’t upload our video/videos to any other sites, either streaming or not, such as Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh and etc… We’re not that strict in our community so we expect you to follow this rule.

Don’t hotlink. If you want to share our files, better just link our own page. Just inform us if you want to share it on your own blog/profile.

Don’t use the subs if you want to sell the video or what. Our community is for your own personal fandom needs.

Last rule, Don’t reupload our videos and claim it as yours. This is a major offence.

So that’s all, we expect that you follow everything and welcome to Janiizu Station subs! J

Masterpost of our projects: Here!!
Request: Here!! (CLOSE)
Intro post for moderators: Here!!
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13 December 2016 @ 11:58 am
Hi! It's been a while since we last posted. I would like to welcome those who are recently added in the community :)
Despite being inactive, I noticed that the community reached 4,476 members! It's so amazing and honestly I'm guilty that you join an inactive community :/

All our videos will still remain here and we won't close the community in case we think of coming back in the future^^

And even though we're inactive, it doesn't mean you can break our rules now!!!

Apparently, somone posted our video in Youtube and it already got 18,000+ views. As much as possible I want our videos to only be shared to the people in the community. You all know how strict Johnny's can be. I hope the person who uploaded it can read this. PLEASE TAKE DOWN THE VIDEO.
Thank you
miyukihime98 for reporting it to us. I honestly appreaciate it.

Also if you have questions regarding to some of our post here (password problems, link problems, etc.) You can comment here and I will answer it :)

And also a promotion to the Filipino FANS!

More details here! Get a chance to win Hey! Say! JUMP Concert Ticket too!Collapse )


Translated by: mysteriousgal11, yohann_kairos
K-time &Kfx: yellowdreamer
English Beta: mori_kee
Encoder, QC, Uploader and Raw: mysteriousgal11
Lyrics and Translation: haruyama5993, kodochalover, jpopasia, okamotokeichan

JUMPing Carnival
>Size: 1.8 GB<
||MEGA Folder||

Trivia: Did you know that the security uniform that Daiki is wearing in BEST corner is really the uniform of the securities in Yokohama Arena?

We decided to release our version since we know we improved and followed your suggestions last time in our S3ART and LWM videos. Also, some of us are lucky enough to watch this concert and wants to share our joy to all of you.

We also used this from our last Philippine-based event and others requested for us o released it, praising the quality of our videos :) We thank all of the people who are still supporting us. :)

Note 2: We're supposed to close down this community since all of us are busy. Some of the admins wants to continue though, so we'll have some changes and improvements so that we can serve you better! Watch out for it :D
03 November 2015 @ 11:50 am
Hi, just dropping by to say that we'll sub JUMParty 6 :)
It'll be a collaboration work with
eien_no_aidoru, yayyy~

Sorry for being in a semi-hiatus mode for a while. Hoping that we can catch up with things by holiday season!

Also, we're looking for translator who can help us~ Just message me in here or in my facebook account~

Thank you OwO/
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Hi! :)

If you saw our recent tweet, you might have a clue why I'm posting this :)
We tweeted that our release might be slower than usual since we're busy, busier than before :(

Some of the Filipino mods in the comm already graduated and will now enter grad school/continue their studies while some are already working. >_< (Just a brief background with our courses.. Law School, Animation, MMA, Engineering and Med school). That's why some already quitted.

It's hard for us to balance things but we appreciate all your messages to us. >_<
We're sorry that our releases got slower :( But we're working with our pending projects.

Other mods are also busy and I might say that I always depend on them. I'm sorry :(

We really don't want to close the community so we hope someone are willing to apply and be part of us.

You can apply HERE or Private message me here or in my FB account (in case you don't want to answer that). :)

We are badly in need of translators. :(

Thank you for reading~

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26 March 2015 @ 11:23 am
Janiizu Station is looking for people who can be part of our family in delivering good subs! <3

If you're interested in applying as Translator, Timer, Karaoke Timer, Kfx, Japanese and English Beta and also Quality Checker... don't hesitate to apply! ^_^

You can apply here!!

Also those who messaged me that they want to apply, just answer that form and I'll message you!

We hope you'll be part of us~

Thank you for your support! \(OwO)/
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22 February 2015 @ 12:33 am

New Community, 1jump
1jump is comprised of large livejournal communities which work on subbing JUMP-related videos in English (arisu_subs, janiizu_station, je_yosai, jounetsu_8, jumpinfs and 10_jump). Here, you may locate the index of raw as well as subbed JUMP videos.

Basically, 1JUMP is the place where you can find the index of raw and English subbed videos. You can also see who will handle future subbing projects of the communities and the current projects they're working on.
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19 January 2015 @ 02:12 pm

For easy access with our releases, here's a masterpost! This post is for list of projects that we have subbed.
#01 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Come On A My House @ Johnny's-net (JUMP Dance tutorial)
#02 [Hey!Say!JUMP] TakaChii's J's Journey Disc 5C (Swimming Part)
#03 [Hey!Say!JUMP] JUMP World Disc 2 (Documentary)
#04 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Ride With Me PV and Making
#05 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Ai no Arika PV and Making
#06 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Aisureba Motto Happy Life PV and Making
#07 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Ousama no Branch 2014-02.01 (Hey!Say!JUMP talk part)
#08 [Sexy Zone]       We Gotta Go
#09 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Music Japan 2013.12.19 Talk and Ride with Me Performance
#10 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Zenkoku E Commentary Video
#11 [Sexy Zone]     [SC031214] Ue wo Muite Arukou (Kiuchi Fuma) + [SC111113] Teleportation (Nakajima Kento)
#12 [Sexy Zone]     [SUB] Sexy Zone Arena Concert 2012
#13 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Zenkoku e JUMP Tour 2013 Disc 1 and 2
#14 [Hey!Say!JUMP] School Kakumei 2014.05.06 Yamachii Clip
#15 [Sexy Zone]     Sexy Second: Sexy Zone Special Movie and Interview in Dubai
#16 [Sexy Zone]     Sexy Zone Music Station 042514
#17 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.03.23 School Kakumei Special part 1
#18 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.04.30-Pon!-Kindaichi Cast interview
#19 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.04.25 Pon! Nakajima Yuto and Yaotome Hikaru
#20 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.04.12 Meringue no Kimochi, Nakajima Yuto and Fukushi Sota part
#21 [Drama]             Naruyouni Narusa Season 2
#22 [Hey!Say!JUMP] S3ART Forever PV
#23 [Hey!Say!JUMP] S3ART Setsuna Hikikae ni PV
#24 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.06.18 Zip! (Hey!Say!JUMP talk part)
#25 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.06.20 Mezamashi Terebi (Hey!Say!JUMP talk part)
#26 [Hey!Say!JUMP & KAT-TUN] Shounen Club Premium, Hey! Say! JUMP Interview and Performance
#27 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.06.23 Music Japan! (Hey! Say! JUMP Talk and Performance)
#28 [Hey!Say!JUMP] S3ART Album Special Message
#29 [Sexy Zone]     [SC070214] Ghost ~Kimi wa Maboroshi~
#30 [Johnny's]     The Music Day: Ongaku no Chikara (Johnny's Shuffle Medley)
#31 [Hey!Say!JUMP] The Music Day: Ongaku no Chikara (Hey!Say! JUMP Talk and Performance)
#32 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.07.19 Tensai! Shimura Doubutsu (Yamada Ryosuke)
#33 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.07.15 Hirunandesu in Universal Studio Japan Part 1 (Arioka Daiki and Yaotome Hikaru)
#34 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.09.04 Mezamashi Terebi (Hey!Say!JUMP talk part)
#35 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.09.05 Zip!
(Hey!Say!JUMP talk part)
#36 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Weekender PV and Making

#37 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.09.17 Shounen Club Premium, Hey! Say! JUMP Talk and Performance
#38 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.10.08 Little Tokyo Live Pre-Air Dokkiri (Yaotome, Takaki and Okamoto)
#39 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.07.22 Hirunandesu in Universal Studio Japan Part 2 + Yaotome Hikaru's Food Report (Arioka Daiki and Yaotome Hikaru)
#40 [Hey!Say!JUMP & KAT-TUN] 2014.10.15 Shounen Club Premium Unaired Talk (Hey! Say! JUMP cut)
#41 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.10.08 Little Tokyo Live (Yaotome, Takaki and Okamoto)
#42 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.09.07 School Kakumei, English Lesson! (Okamoto Keito guest)
#43 [Johnny's]     2014.11.26 Best Artist! (Hey! Say! JUMP's talk and Performance + Johnny's Medley + Tackey Collaboration)
#44 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.11.02 School Kakumei Hikaru Yaotome's Onsen Report
#45 [Hey!Say!JUMP] JUMParty 4 (Slick-kart battle)
#46 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.12.26 Music Station Super Live (Hey! Say! JUMP Talk and Performance)
#47 [Hey!Say!JUMP & NEWS] 2014.12.31 CDTV Premier Live 2014-2015 (Hey! Say! JUMP and NEWS Talk and Medley]
#48 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Hey! Say! JUMP's New Year Messages *Limited Time post
#49 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2014.11.05 Little Tokyo Live (Yaotome, Yabu, Inoo and Yamada)
#50 [Hey!Say!JUMP & NEWS] 2014.07.29 Hirunandesu! Ikemen Battle (Arioka Daiki & Masuda Takahisa)
#51 [Hey! Say!JUMP] Assassination Classroom Movie Trailer (Yamada Ryosuke)
#52 [Sensations]      20150227 Mezamashi Terebi Korosensations
#53 [Sensations]      20150315 CDTV Sensations
#54 [Sensations]      20150315 School Kakumei Sensations performance
#55 [Sensations]     Korosensations PVs (Karaoke)
#56 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2015.05.01 Music Station, Hey! Say! JUMP Talk & Chau# Perf
#57 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Chau PV (Karaoke)
#58 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Hey! Say! JUMP Live Tour 2014 S3ART Disc 3 [Multi Angle]
#59 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Hey! Say! JUMP Live Tour 2014 S3ART Disc 2 Live with Me in Tokyo Dome Digest
#60 [Hey!Say!JUMP] Hey! Say! JUMP Live Tour 2014 S3ART Disc 1
#61 [Hey!Say!JUMP] 2009.10.11 SC HS7- Nounai ✩ Dance & Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (Hey!Say!7)
#62 [Johnny's] 2014.12.03 FNS Johnny's Medley

**You can see our current project updates (working and pending) HERE.
06 December 2014 @ 10:09 pm
Sexy Zone
Sexy Zone in Las Vegas [pending]
Sexy Zone SUMMARY 2012 [beta]
Sexy Zone Japan Tour 2013 [translation, timing & karaoke]
Sexy Zone Documentary Stand & Run [translation]

Hey! Say! JUMP

JUMParty 4 [timing & typesetting]
JUMParty 5
S3ART Interview [translation & timing]
Little Tokyo Live Episode 3 [encoding]
Little Tokyo Live Episode 5 [timing]
VS Arashi Suikyuu Cast [translation & timing]
School Kakumei; Yaotome Hikaru onsen cut [beta & timing]
Heisei Time JUMPer 2014.04.26 [pending]
Heisei Time JUMPer 2014.11.29 [pending]
Hirunandesu 2014.07.09 [encoding]
Hirunandesu 2014.09.30 [timing]

Little Tokyo Live Disney Sea SP [timing]
S3ART & Live With Me Concert DVD
School Kakumei 2015.02.01 [translation]
Korosensations PV

Dramas Related

Naruyouni Narusa [Episode 5 onwards, dropped]

First Class 2 [dropped]

FNS 2014.12.03 Johnny's Medley [karaoke]
Johnny's World [translating]

That's quite a lot~

Also, our comm already have 2,704 members!
Thank you everyone!

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I'm here again~
I'm going to start my post by recruitment.
Our community is currently in need of TRANSLATORS again. Some of our translators are currently busy/hiatus.
Our comm is pretty big now and we want to keep on releasing videos for all of you.
If ever you're interested, you can either pm me in my LJ account or in my Facebook account.

We basically in need of translators interested in translating videos of Hey! Say! JUMP and Sexy Zone~

ALSO, I already announced this before but we're going to subbed JUMParty 5. Yeah I know, we haven't release JUMParty 4 but be patientttt~

Speaking of that, JUMParty 4 and 5 might be released by December. You can think of them as your Christmas gift from us. *insert me, laughing evilly*

For S3ART!!! I know you're all waiting for this~ We're continuing the translation of this, FINALLY! We have two translators for this but the other one stopped because she's having problems with her studies. Now, we have another translator handling this. I'm so happy *cries*

Little Tokyo Live Episode 3 and 5 might get delayed for a bit because the one assigned for Episode 3 got her laptop reformat or what and the one assigned for Episode 5 is working well with her studies.

Other JUMP-related projects that we announced before might get in hiatus because the one who's translating it, our japanese translator is currently busy also with her studies~ She's from Sophia University soooooooo, it must be hard.

We're student yow! X3

Let's go on with Sexy Zone updates.
SUMMARY 2012 is 45% finished~ We're making it pretty~ Kira kira karaoke~~~ Kirakirara kirakirara
Kimi wa boku dake no mono sa~~~Yay!

For Sexy Zone Japan Tour 2013, our comm is working with SZ-Mexico~ wieeew~

Lastly, Stand and Run is in translation process ^w^/

That's all for nowwww~ Pleaseee apply huhuhuhu~ HAATOgata UIRUSU ni
yararete shimatta mitai donna chuusha mo kikanai wa~~~~~~~~~
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